Four Reasons Private Jets Are Safer Than Commercial Airlines

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Many advantages come to mind when considering the chartering of a private jet: luxury, convenience, and privacy. However, there is one other significant benefit that should be added to the list: safety.

We often take safety for granted when we travel, which is backed by our industry’s remarkable safety record. However, every now and then, we will witness a news article that prompts us to reconsider the safety of commercial flights, even though millions of people fly safely on commercial airliners every day.

However, safety is about more than just the chance of an accident; in today’s world, we must also consider who is travelling onboard. According to Forbes magazine, there were 4.1 billion scheduled airline flights in 2017. Regardless of cutting-edge technology and a host of sophisticated safety precautions, that is a startling number of people to vet and search.

Regardless of these precautions, it is possible that someone with malicious intent will slip through the gaps. This prospect is more alarming than ever in these uncertain times. When you charter a private jet, though, everything changes.

Here are four reasons why travelling in a private jet is safer than travelling on a commercial airline:

Every Passenger Vetted

When booking a flight on a commercial airline, airline passengers simply need to provide only a few basic details. When you charter a private jet, your broker or operator gets a lot more detailed image of who’s travelling. Often, everyone on board knows each other. It could be a family, a group of friends, or a group of professional colleagues. This means you can see who is flying, why they are flying, and the level of harm they may pose – which is generally nil.

Because brokers or operators speak directly to their clients when booking flights, vetting the clients and ensuring everything is safe and in order is a straightforward process. On the other hand, commercial airlines know nothing about the passengers’ reasons for flying, their relationships with others on the plane, or any additional helpful information that could assist in mitigating any threat.

It is essential to pay attention to fellow passengers aboard a commercial flight in order to detect any suspicious conduct. These concerns, however, vanish when you choose to charter a private jet. You can instead sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight.

Familiar Crews

Have you ever known your pilot’s name or qualifications before boarding a commercial flight? Do you ever get an itinerary that tells you who will be serving you? Certainly not! However, the crew can have a significant impact on the pleasure of your journey; an unpleasant cabin attendant might ruin your flight, whilst a nice one can leave a lasting impression.

When you choose Avian Jets, you’ll be flying with a crew that has been thoroughly verified by our APN verification process. Our process is unmatched in the industry. Additionally, your crews’ info is available through our app prior to your departure. Frequent travellers may even find themselves travelling with the same pilots and flight attendants on many occasions, which means they’ll become acquainted with your travel preferences – whether that’s a fresh glass of orange juice before take-off or an extra pillow in the evening.

Even if you haven’t flown with them before, our charter staff will brief the flight crew on your preferences. A recognized face is always preferable to an unknown, and this is yet another reason why private jets are preferred to commercial airlines.

Fewer Incidents than Expected

You’ve probably heard of events involving private aircraft, including chartered aircraft, in the news. You’ve also probably heard of numerous large-scale, terrible commercial aviation accidents.

There are a few reasons why private aircraft accidents seem to get the most attention. The typical clientele on a private jet consists of high-profile, high-net-worth individuals. This has the potential to distort the public’s view of how safe it is to fly privately.

For example, if a Hollywood star had a slight panic aboard a private flight, it would almost probably be covered in national publications and newspapers. If something similar happened on a commercial flight, it would be dealt with and forgotten swiftly, with no public attention.

When you book through a reputable broker or operator such as Avian Jets, private jet charters become the safest option… and here are a few more reasons why.

Third-Party Safety Checks

Customers often compare commercial airlines based on factors such as pricing, transfers, and journey time. Thoughts of safety will rarely enter the picture.

Private jet charter brokers and operators, on the other hand, want to stand out as reliable and trustworthy, and one way they do so is by meticulously tracking the safety records of the operators used. That is why we use various third-party firms and auditors; if an operator does not conform to our own safety criteria, we do not use them.

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