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The First In Real-Time Instant Booking

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The App Taking The Industry by Storm

The Avian Jets App was specifically designed with customer service in mind. Instead of opting for a quick quote request like most applications, Avian Jets decided to take things a step further. JetCard users have the ability to directly book flights themselves, message with pilots during their trip, track flights, and keep track of any Avian JetCard Accounts, all thanks to our industry leading JetOS platform, built in partnership with Avian Solutions.

Due to our clientele, whether it’s corporate executives, celebrities, or politicians, we believe security is of utmost importance. This is why we partnered with Avian Solutions which pioneered the highest data encryption standards in the industry and has a strict policy against data collection.

Our clients fly private and we make sure their lives and personal data stay private as well.

Available to our Avian JetCard Holders.

Coupled with our new online portal and Avian Jets App, you’ll find a tailored user experience that far exceeds what you’re used to. Take control by booking flights yourself or chat with an assigned sales representative who will take care of all your needs.

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The Future Of Aviation

This summer, the Avian Jets App will be available to all customers, with even more added features to provide a superior luxurious experience.

private jet booking app with Citation X jet

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