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Some people know exactly what they want, but in our experience, clients often rely on us to recommend the appropriate aircraft for their trip. Whether it’s a need for sleeping arrangements, long distance range, or a private room for business meetings, simply tell us your budget and we’ll take it from there.

To browse our entire fleet yourself, use our app or web portal and select the exact aircraft that suits your needs. By linking crew and scheduling algorithms with AI, we’re the first in the industry to offer real-instant availability. What you see is what’s available, creating a hassle-free experience that helps you save on the most value commodity of all: time.

Comfort and safety are our #1 priority. All aircraft and partners are fully vetted and have the highest standard when it comes to service, safety, insurance, and pilot training.

Avian Jet Aircraft Fleet

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View the types of luxury private jets available and select an aircraft that best fits your unique travel needs

Air Taxi

The Air Taxi makes hundreds of miles feel like a trip downtown. For those living in densely populated areas such as New York City, you can conduct your lunch meeting in Boston or Washington, D.C. and be home in time to watch your son’s football game.

Turbo Prop​

One of the most reliable and cost-effective ways to fly private, the Turbo Prop aircraft offers a large cabin to accommodate your whole family or business associates. With a lower operating cost compared to jet aircraft, the Turbo Prop can land and take off from shorter runways, allowing more possibilities for your departure and arrival destinations.

Light Jet

Light Jets are one of our most popular categories. These reliable aircraft will get you where you need to be fast! Cabins can seat up to 7 passengers and if the distance to your destination is under 2,000 miles, this could be the best aircraft for your journey.

Midsize Jet​

Our selection of midsize jets features elegant club style side-by-side accommodation with seating that swivels and reclines. These aircraft can house 7 to 9 passengers comfortably. The noise in the cabin of these jets is quite low, allowing passengers to enjoy a quieter flight.

Super Mid-size Jet

The super mid-size jet category is popular among our long-range travel clientele. In comparison to their counterpart (the heavy jet aircraft), super mid-size aircraft offer transcontinental flights at a more competitive price. These aircraft travel up to 600 miles per hour and a have an average flight range of 3,500 miles, or 5 to 8 hours of non-stop flight. These aircraft are known to be fast, fuel efficient, and exceptionally comfortable.

Heavy Jet

If you require a private jet for a large group or simply for long range international flights, the heavy jet category is the top choice amongst private jet travelers. With a substantial amount of space, WiFi, audio/visual entertainment system, and a personal flight attendant, this category is where the top tier of luxury and comfort begins.

Extended Heavy Jet

The most sought after and dreamed about category of private jets. A category which does it all, our extended heavy jets consist of aircraft which are capable of moving large groups around the world while providing the utmost level of luxury. Sleep in a real bed during your flight across the Pacific and wake up to a breakfast personally prepared by your cabin crew.

Long Range Jet

A category that has been gaining popularity amongst aircraft manufacturers and clients, this jet can take your practically anywhere in the world in one flight. This aircraft ensures your journey becomes more memorable than your destination.

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