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Our Journey

Booking, operations, behind the scenes…we’ve engineered a better way to fly private. In the beginning, Avian Jets was laser-focused on aircraft charters and aircraft sales. However, as the years progressed, our team began to identify costly inefficiencies within the private aviation industry that were ultimately being passed on to the customer.

To eliminate those inefficiencies, we began building innovative technologies to address those specific issues. By collaborating with our technology partners at Avian Solutions, we created the JetOS platform and our easy-to-use booking app. By maintaining a global team of dedicated engineers and staff, we maintain 24-hour sales and support for our customers and partners. It is truly a pleasure to do something we love while also providing a much needed evolution for private aviation.

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Who We Serve

High-level executives, celebrities, politicians, athletes and entertainers prefer Avian Jets because we get you where you need to be in the most convenient and comfortable way possible. Our clients understand that flying private goes beyond privacy, it’s about saving time.

Time is the most valuable commodity in the world and professionals know that. It can’t be bought and once it’s gone, it isn’t coming back. Skip the time-sucking large international airports – fly out and fly in as close as possible to your final destination with Avian Jets. For you, that means more time in the office, or most importantly, with family!

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Our Happy Clients


Discover The Best Way To Fly

Through more than a decade of experience within the industry, we have learned our clients often rely on us to recommend the appropriate aircraft for their trip. Whether it’s a need for sleeping arrangements, long distance range, or somewhere to conduct private business meetings, we find the best fit for your budget.

We say it a lot, but we’re obsessed with comfort and safety. All aircraft and partners are fully vetted and have the highest standard when it comes to service, safety, insurance, and pilot training.

Solutions for the Avian Network​

We serve through a purely customer-centric approach. That means we believe in putting the client and Avian Network first. By working together, we are able to develop ultra-specific industry solutions that solve real problems, earn real revenue and help provide a new standard in customer satisfaction. Whether it’s the JetOS platform, booking app, or some of the custom projects we support for the Avian Network, we focus on what’s important for our partners and clients, and nothing else.

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Safety and Privacy

As a client of Avian Jets, you can have confidence that all operators, pilots, and aircraft have passed an intensive screening procedure, with less than 10% being approved to become a member of the Avian Network. We take pride in our integrity and require the highest levels of insurance, financial security, safety records, pilot training/experience, and customer satisfaction.

In order to ensure your privacy, we have gone to great lengths to encrypt all off our systems under titanium level protection to safeguard your personal data, while collecting zero data that’s not required for flight operations and regulations.

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