Popular Island Destinations for Private Jet Travelers

ocean huts in paradise

As airports become more crowded and flight delays more frequent, the world is increasingly turning to private jets as their travel method of choice. Not only is it more comfortable and convenient, but it allows travelers to save on the most valuable commodity of all: time. As our research has shown, flying private can save over 86% of your time, compared to commercial air travel.

According to Avian Jets CEO Philip Nijnens, private jet travel across the world is on the rise, with data showing a 10% increase over the past year.

Private jets are especially popular for short flights to islands located within a few hours of business hubs. These puddle jumps can be performed by small, cost-efficient aircraft such as our Avian Jets’ Air Taxi fleet or turbo props. Popular destinations include Mallorca, the Bahamas, and the Philippines.

Mallorca and the Bahamas were among the most frequent destinations for private jets in 2019. Most flights landing in the Bahamas originated in the United States and Canada, while many flights to Mallorca originated in mainland Spain or Germany.

Over the past year, there were roughly 35,000 private flights to islands in North and South America alone. Here are the fifteen most popular destinations:

Bahamas beach house

16,400 Private Jet Arrivals​

Ocean view from Mallorca cave

5,600 Private Jet Arrivals​

blue waters from Ibiza

5,400 Private Jet Arrivals​

Sardinia light house

5,200 Private Jet Arrivals​

San Juan seaside

3,400 Private Jet Arrivals​

Cayman Islands beach front hotel

2,300 Private Jet Arrivals​

Sicily ocean view from clif

2,300 Private Jet Arrivals​

Corsica ocean view

2,100 Private Jet Arrivals​

ocean view in Cayman Islands

2,000 Private Jet Arrivals​

Mykonos house

1,900 Private Jet Arrivals​

aerial view of Philippines beach

1,600 Private Jet Arrivals​

Sint Maarten beach

1,300 Private Jet Arrivals​

Malta from ocean

1,200 Private Jet Arrivals​

White sand beach in Barbados

1,200 Private Jet Arrivals​

Cliff view from Crete

912 Private Jet Arrivals​

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