Flying Private and The Corovavirus

Aircraft taking off with coronavirus warning sign

Sometimes, flying is the only way. In a time of mass flight cancellations and fears surrounding proximity to coughing, sneezing strangers, flying private is the best way to maintain control over necessary travel. While commercial airlines are scrambling to provide safe travel conditions or grounding their fleet entirely, private jet bookings are up 30%, and for good reason.

Who You Know

Flying private allows you to drastically limit the amount of people you’ll interact with at the airport and on the aircraft itself. You can choose to travel alone or only with people you know. Plus, private aviation means private terminals fixed base operators (FBOs).

Flying private is perfect for those that want to take immediate action regarding their family’s safety. For example, if you need to get somewhere as soon as possible during a rapidly developing situation, private air travel has more assurances than commercial.

If you fear you may be sick, flying private ensures you won’t expose yourself to others. Once aboard, you get to tailor the jet’s environment to your needs. Blast the AC, increase the humidity, or turn off the cabin lights to get some rest. Privacy means you can customise the space for your comfort.


A private aircraft means specialised service. Not only are you able to drive straight to the airplane, avoiding mass transit centres, but you can conduct the necessary health and immigration checks quickly and efficiently right before boarding.

Since private jets are usually smaller than commercial aircrafts, it’s easier to make sure they are cleaned thoroughly. Plus, fewer staff and less passenger turnover means there’s a smaller chance for disease to board the aircraft at all.

In a pandemic situation, things change quickly. Say the next available flight on a commercial airline is in a few days or even tomorrow – your takeoff time could still be behind the new ban and you’d be out of luck. Unlike the notoriously stingy cancellation polices of commercial airlines, private jet bookings are refundable.


It’s a turbulent time for the aviation business. Rest assured that Avian Jets is keeping track of all new rules and regulation around the world regarding entries and visa changes.

While the current virus is exposing flaws in many traditional operation systems, JetOS has many benefits for times such as these. JetOS allows for tasks to be completed automatically without the need for human interaction and can be used from anywhere, even while on the go. Truly modern systems are what will be able to withstand these stressful times. JetOS can be customised to your company’s needs and is a great way to make sure, when the pandemic concludes, that you’ll be positioned to reach new heights.

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