Cost of taking a Private Jet from LA to Hawaii

view of Ocean and mountains in Hawaii

Located far from big cities and smoggy skies, this small chain of islands is a true paradise and the ideal getaway. From soaking up the natural surroundings to discovering underwater wildlife, there’s something for everyone. Many of our customers choose to spend their holidays in Kona – drawn to the slower pace of life, the varied scenery, and especially the world-famous Kona coffee.

For such a long trip, a charter flight is the most comfortable way to get there! It’s also a big investment, usually costing between $65,000 – $100,000 (price dependent on the size of the plane, the airport you are flying from, and how long you plan to stay).

A Cost Breakdown​

If you’re flying out of the Los Angeles area, the price starts at $65,000 for a charter flight to Hawaii. The cost varies depending on how many nights you’ll spend on the Island. For example, a seven-day, six-night trip in the Gulfstream IV would cost nearly $85,000. A six-day, five-night trip provides the best value. Thereafter, daily minimums will start to take effect and increase the overall cost.

An empty leg flight can be cost-effective, but is often hard to find. They’re far less frequent than empty leg flights chartered from coast to coast flights within the United states. However, during busy seasons like the winter holidays and springtime, finding an empty leg to Hawaii will be a little easier.

Best Aircraft for The Trip​

The distance between the U.S. mainland and Hawaii is the world’s longest path over water. Because of that, only certain jets can hold enough fuel to make the journey. A super medium or large jet such as the Challenger 300 or Gulfstream IV are ideal aircrafts for the journey.

The cost of flying charter to Hawaii may sound high but, with enough passengers, the cost is equivalent to first-class tickets and much more luxurious. The Challenger 300 seats eight passengers and the Gulfstream IV can seat thirteen to sixteen, depending on the aircraft configuration. If all available seats are filled and the price is shared among all the passengers, you’ve beat the price of first class on an airline and your holiday starts as soon as you board the aircraft.

For those travelling in smaller groups, some lighter jets are fitted with extra fuel tanks that can make the long trip to Hawaii, but these can be difficult to find. A bigger jet is your best bet. The flight from Los Angeles to Hawaii is about six hours, so comfort is of the upmost importance.

Pets and Other Things to Consider​

Travelling with a large group means more weight which means you need a long runway. This means a flight from LAX, Van Nuys, or Long Beach Airport. The Long Beach or Van Nuys alternatives are usually the most cost-effective because there is a significantly lower cost of fuel than at LAX.

For those who frequently travel with pets, be vigilant – the state has strict rules on animal quarantine. Most pets are restricted or banned, so be sure to do your homework before you decide to take your pet along.

If your pet is legally allowed in the state, you’ll need to carry him/her to the Animal Quarantine Holding Facility at the airport upon landing. It may take up to an hour to get to the facility from the airport, so make sure to schedule a flight that will arrive before 3:30 pm. If your pet arrives after 4:30, they’ll be kept overnight. Our charter specialists can help you figure out the specifics but it’s generally not worth the added stress (for you and your pets) unless you are planning on staying a very long time.

Overall, flying private makes a trip to Hawaii memorable and stress-free, allowing you to stretch your legs and enjoy time with your loved ones the whole way there.

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