Avian Solutions Offers Covid-19 Relief

For Our Aviation Family, A Helping Hand in Uncertain Times.

Now more than ever, leaning into technology can cut costs and increase revenue for aviation companies. That's why we've created this speacial offer.

Few industries have been hit harder by the recent Covid-19 pandemic than the aviation industry. While the impact on commercial airlines made headlines around the globe, private aviation businesses and smaller charter operators have largely flown under the radar, due to the relative safety of fewer passengers and the ability to circumvent large international airports. Still, we’ve heard from several businesses within the Avian Solutions family who have been hit hard during this time.

Thankfully, our businesses and employees are in a place where we feel secure and we’re looking toward the future, when this is all over. For those who are stagnant or at risk during this time, we want to help. Now more than ever, we felt it was of utmost importance to increase our investment in technology. We’ve increased our overall team size globally by over 25% since March. We love this industry and want to use our fortunate situation to make sure aviation bounces back stronger than before.

We continue to believe the answers lays in technology. By modernising operations and leaning into technology, aviation organizations can be better positioned to avoid disruptions like this pandemic in the future. As we all know, most aviation businesses, such as airlines, charter operators and flight schools, operate on a very tight profit margin. By utilizing our advanced AI algorithms and digitizing client interactions, you can lower costs and increase revenue. Plus, these tools allow your employees to work from home or on the go. Let’s work together and add a little comfort into that margin during these times.

To do our part for the COVID-19 Recovery, we are offering the following discounted pricing on our ready-to-go products and development services:



Custom Software Development

60% Discount

Website Development


Website development with 1-year
management agreement

White Label Web App


Standard Booking App
Custom Booking App
Access to JetOS

As always, we never charge for a conversation. We’re happy to share our qualified opinions. This situation can be an opportunity to update your business and stand out to your customers. We are always here to support you and the industry.

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