7 Reasons Why More People Choose Private Jets


As more Americans resume their typical travel schedules, the way we think about travel has shifted. When it comes to travel, there is a heightened focus on health and safety. Choosing private jets has several health and safety advantages, among many others. This blog will discuss seven reasons why more people worldwide are opting for private jets as their choice of transportation.

1. Private Jets Are Much Safer

You are not alone if you are afraid to fly on a commercial airline. According to some estimates, up to 25% of the population are fearful of flying. Approximately 6.5 per cent of people suffer from aviophobia, which is a severe fear of flying that interferes with their daily life.

When flying by private jet, there is nothing to be afraid of. Private jets limit passengers’ exposure to safety and security issues. Statistics demonstrate that choosing a private jet over a commercial flight reduces your likelihood of running into trouble.

One of the reasons this is the case is that private jets are subjected to extensive safety and compliance testing. Charter companies hire third-party companies specialising in airline safety to verify that their aircraft pass all safety screenings and requirements.

These reviews are stringent, and charter operations that meet these high criteria are incredibly safe.

2. Private Jets Are Cleaner
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Passengers on commercial airlines must pass through at least two major airports. On each flight, these passengers pass through 700 touchpoints, making them much more susceptible to germs.

Meanwhile, private jet passengers only encounter about 20 touchpoints. Their chance of contracting a disease is 30 times lower than that of a commercial airline passenger.

How do they accomplish this? Private jets can use FBOs, which are private terminals located at most large or small airports. Travellers can unwind before their trip in their own separate terminal, away from the noise and activity of a typical airport terminal.

The number of passengers permitted at these private terminals is also limited. There are fewer travellers and employees. That implies you contact fewer people and are less likely to be exposed to any health risks.

3. Private Jets Are Affordable

Private jet costs have dropped dramatically in recent years. Some private flights have been reduced by up to 50%, bringing them even closer to the price of a first-class or business class ticket on commercial airlines.

If you are a frequent flier who spends 150 hours or more in the air per year, you may be able to save money by flying on a private jet. A private jet can also help you save money if you are planning a family holiday or a business trip with multiple employees or clients.

According to recent market research, chartering a super-midsize private jet to fly from New York to Miami could have cost up to $20,000 five years ago. Today, the same private jet can be booked for as low as $10,000.

So, how much does it cost to fly in a private jet? A super mid-sized jet can carry up to ten passengers, with each paying as low as $1,000 for the ride.

Private jet charter companies also offer fractional ownership schemes, allowing members to travel whenever they want without paying the maintenance costs associated with owning their own aircraft.

Because of this, private jet travel is now considerably cheaper than in prior years past.

4. Private Jets Save Time

Time is money for executives. The time of a CEO might be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Flying a private aircraft allows them to arrive at their destination considerably faster and without wasting valuable time at the airport.

Commercial airline passengers must wait approximately 90 minutes at the airport before boarding the aircraft. If you’re flying overseas, that wait can be up to three hours!

A private jet eliminates all of the hassles associated with travelling. A private jet typically has a 15-minute wait period. Everything is set up to accommodate your schedule. Those 15 minutes are spent on immigration, customs, and boarding procedures.

Flying by private jet allows you to make the most of your time while remaining productive. Time is money; if you are a business executive, private jet travel might provide you with additional hours in the day to run your business or investments.

When you need to travel on short notice, it can be tough to find a commercial flight. This is not an issue for private jets. Most private jet flights can be arranged in as little as 3 hours.

5. Private Jets Are Private

When you fly via private jet, you will have unparalleled privacy. This is why many celebrities, athletes, and politicians choose to travel by private jet. The terminals are private, and the jets carry only a few passengers, all of whom you already know.

Everyone is treated with dignity and respect, passengers can relax knowing they are safe and well protected. Private jets provide travellers with lots of room to move around for peace of mind when travelling.

6. Private Jets Have First-Class Amenities

Just when you thought travelling by private jet couldn’t get any better, it does! Private jets are well-known for their lavish facilities. Private jets feature everything you might want for a peaceful ride, from the huge cabin to the soft couches and even bedrooms with attached showers.

Passengers are permitted to bring their pets aboard, and there is no need to restrict the size of liquids carried onboard. Avian Jets also provides premium meals and in-flight entertainment, which comes standard for Avian Jets JetCard members.

7. Private Jets Have Outstanding Service

When you ride on a private jet, you can expect the best treatment imaginable. Most flights will feature a captain, a co-pilot, and one or two stewardesses when travelling on larger aircraft. If you require anything while on board, do not hesitate to ask your stewardess.

It is their responsibility to ensure that you are at your most comfortable. Many stewardesses may even prepare your favourite cocktails for you while you’re in the air.

Fly with Avian Jets for the Best Flying Experience

If you want to fly in style, you should consider chartering a private jet. Now is the perfect moment to book a private jet for your next trip. Reach out to us or download the new Avian Jets app and submit your tailor-made request.

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