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If you’re looking for the ultimate bucket list adventure, there’s no place better than Antarctica. Designed for the boldest of adventurers, this journey will take you deep into the Great White Continent where a few people have ever set foot. Experience the centre of the Emperor Penguin Colony and spend the night at the South Pole. Share your adventure with a maximum of 11 other guests as you embark on life changing activities, dive deep into ice tunnels, kite surf across vast expanses and climb across ice waves.

A five-hour private jet flight on a Gulfstream G550 across the Southern Ocean will transport you to a whole new world. Set within the heart of Antarctica, The White Desert Hotel is one of the world’s most exclusive destinations. The world’s first luxurious and ecological camp is set in one of the last great wildernesses on earth, Antarctica.

Once you touch down on Antarctica’s snowy white runway, you will be transferred to your luxury camp by a 30-minute flight, while taking in all the beauty Antarctica has to offer from the air. Naturally, White Desert and Avian Jets ensures all emissions related to this journey are offset by fully accredited carbon-neutral schemes.

White Desert Hotel is a luxurious camp like no other and the ideal location for an Antarctic adventure. Spacious state-of-the-art sleeping pods are designed to comfortably accommodate two people and each pod has its own wash area and toilet. Separate to the ‘sleeping pod’ there is a communal shower pod, a comfortable lounge area for you to warm up with a cup of cocoa and a kitchen where the award-winning chef prepares mouth-watering meals.

Activities can be as relaxing or as adventurous as you’d like. Learn to rock climb on a nearby ‘Nunatak’ mountain, or explore the Schirmacher Oasis – a rare stretch of terra firma surrounded by the ice cap of Antarctica. Visitors also have the opportunity to visit a research base and learn all about ongoing scientific explorations.

Your Itinerary​

arrival into south africa​

Your ultimate Antarctic adventure will begin in the vibrant, cosmopolitan city of Cape Town, South Africa. Your private transfer will pull up right next to your jet, ready for you to be driven to your hotel. Our clients who travel to Cape Town usually like the The Silo Hotel or the Cape View Clifton for a luxurious Cape Town experience. Here you will be treated to beautiful views over the bay, perfect for relaxing and preparing before embarking for Antarctica. If you are looking for a little adventure, we suggest a rewarding hike up Table Mountain. Whether you choose to be active or take it easy, we’ll be sure to secure you a reservation at one of the city’s best Michelin star restaurants.

On the evening before your departure for Antarctica, White Desert will host a safety briefing at the hotel, where expedition staff will check your kit and prepare you for your flight south.

destination antarctica

The real adventure begins as you board the Gulfstream G550, the latest and greatest jet on offer today. Enjoy uncompromised comfort as you soar over thousands of icebergs in the Southern Ocean before landing on the White Continent, the last great wilderness on earth. Witness the African night turn into 24 hours of continuous sunshine during the five-hour flight as you cross the polar circle and approach your destination. Touch down on Wolf Fang’s specialist runway and disembark for transfer to the White Desert Hotel.

Activities at White Desert range from gentle treks to exploring breath taking ice waves to kite-skiing, ice climbing and even abseiling.

Your third day at the camp offers an unforgettable experience: a journey bringing you to the incredible 6000-strong Emperor Penguin colony. Enjoy beautiful views of the high polar plateau as you fly 2 hours across Antarctica to reach the colony. You will be among the very first and lucky few to witness such this natural spectacle

the south pole

The next day, mark the ultimate experience off your bucket list with a visit to the South Pole and camp overnight. This is a true once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Board the DC3 Basler plane early in the morning and fly across stunning mountain ranges before landing at 83 degrees South to refuel. Take the chance to walk around the high polar plateau before continuing on to the pole. Once at the South Pole, enjoy plenty of time for photos, a tour around the base and the opportunity to stamp your passport before you camp overnight.

After a night camping at the South Pole, return to Wichaway Camp for a celebratory meal and a toast to your achievement. Enjoy a hearty breakfast before boarding the plane and heading back to the White Desert Hotel. The flight presents an excellent opportunity to really appreciate the immense scale of Antarctica and reflect on your incredible feat. Back at your hotel, you’ll be greeted with a three course dinner and champagne.

Spend your final day at the camp attending informative talks from the polar expedition leaders in the morning, followed by extreme sports in the afternoon. Try your hand first at kite-skiing around camp before embarking on a giant abseil off the nearby Nunatak mountain.

return to south africa​

Famous for being owned by Sir Richard Branson, who is a founder of the Virgin Group, Necker Island is a 74-acre island nestled in the beautiful British Virgin Islands and is frequently visited by celebrities all around the world.

The island accommodates up to 34 people in the luxury resort and is accessible by flying a private jet into the Beef Island airport (EIS). Though severely damaged by the category 5 Hurricane Irma, Necker Island plans to re-open its resort in October 2018.

With time being one of the major reasons people book a private jet charter, the ability for you to see more on your trip is important and convenient. With so many remote places to discover, booking a private jet charter ensures that you have luxury both in-flight and at your destination.

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